Sharing my world of painting with everyone including those with no previous drawing skills through tutorial DVD's & workshops.
Self taught Artist and Art Tutor since 1994. Completed a fine Arts Course by Correspondence out of the USA. Used various mediums some of which created health issues, in particular asthma from traditional oil paints. I discovered Genesis Heat-Set Oils in 1996 which alleviated the health issues. Genesis Oils provides the perfect medium, giving me the freedom & control over the whole drying process, along with the advantage of no time consuming- set up or clean up each day, plus many other advantages which, as an artist, one could only dream of. I love the Fine Arts due to the detail that is required, in particular Landscapes, Still Life and Floral which is evident throughout my website. Teaching Art is my second passion. Being able to pass on my own knowledge and expertise is always rewarding, in particular, seeing the end result on the students canvas. An extension of this has made me take teaching from the classroom situation to sharing my teaching skills and techniques with people all around the world via DVDís.

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